18 Bars Where You Can Drink With Clients

By Bryan Kim March 13, 2019 PDF Article Original Article Press
The Infatuation - 18 Bars Where You Can Drink with Clients

Where to go when you need someplace quieter than your favorite Saturday-night spot.

When you go out with friends, you probably don’t mind a place with loud music where you have to spend several minutes trying to make eye contact with the bartender just so you can order. But for drinks with clients, you need a bar that’s a little more mellow, and won’t make you seem like the kind of person who regularly gets home at 5am. Try one of these spots. They don’t get too loud or busy, they mostly have tables where you can sit down, and they’re ideal for when you want to have a cocktail and discuss things like deliverables while you both secretly wonder what you’re talking about.

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If you’re OK with slightly more expensive cocktails (including a $28 martini), try Ophelia. It’s another rooftop bar in Midtown, and it’s a little more upscale than the Refinery Hotel. It has a big art-deco themed indoor area, you can make a reservation in advance, and you can sit on a red banquette with a view of the part of NYC where you happen to work and somehow spend most of your time.