29 Halloween Cocktail Recipes that are Scarily Delicious

By Lauren Hubbard October 15, 2019 PDF Article Original Article Press
Town and Country - 29 Halloween Cocktail Recipes that are Scarily Delicious

Prepare yourself for a drink made with dry ice.

Sure, the best part about Halloween is indulging in all of the candy—but activated charcoal, dry ice, and a special tea that changes colors are a few of the secret ingredients in these ghoulish grown-up delights. Whether you’re throwing a monster mash bash or spending the night at home treating yourself, these cocktails are sure to make your evening a little spookier and a lot tastier.

Ophelia’s Ascension


1 oz Makers Mark bourbon
1 oz Del Maguey mezcal infused with smoked Jamaican peppers*
Dash of Jerry Thomas aromatic bitters
1/8 tsp activated charcoal
Cedar smoke
Sugar Cube
Garnish with lemon or orange peel


Combine the sugar cube, bourbon, smoked mezcal and activated charcoal in a rocks glass. Add a dash of the aromatic bitters and stir. Mix together and set aside. Take a stick of cedar wood and torch it – then blow it out. Place the stick into the glass without the cocktail and then cover it with a coaster. Let the glass smoke up and then remove the cedar. Pour the final cocktail into the glass and garnish with a lemon or orange peel.

*Mezcal with Jamaican peppers: For a 750 ml bottle of tequila, lightly char 1 Jamaican pepper without the seeds on a flame or grill and then mix it into the tequila. Steep the pepper for roughly 15 minutes (taste along the way for spiciness).

By Mixologist Amir Babayoff for Ophelia