From Matcha to Split-Spirit, Bartenders Say These are the Top Fall Drink Trends

By Olivia Harrison October 15, 2019 PDF Article Original Article Press
efinery 29 - From Matcha to Split-Spirit, Bartenders Say These are the Top Fall Drink Trends

As autumn comes creeping in, you’ll probably find yourself switching up what you eat. You may warm up with more soups and stews, opt for seasonal fall ingredients, and treat yourself to hardier dishes that will keep you satisfied even as you brave cooler fall weather. Changing our meal plans based on the season is a give in, so why wouldn’t we also change up what we drink.

Just as food menus at restaurants are altered to fit each season, many spots also introduce new beverages to suit the time of year. To find out the new cocktail menu additions we can expect to see this fall, we spoke to 11 beverage professionals. Ahead, they predict this season’s biggest drink trends. A few of them even share recipes for how you can embrace these trends at home.

Colorful Cocktails with Unique Garnishes

The big cocktail trend of this season will definitely be colorful cocktails with unique garnishes, especially if used with gin, tequila, or mezcal. Vodka is still the number one consumed liquor, and we respect it, but on the other hand, most cocktail drinkers are expecting to have a unique experience when ordering trying a new drink. This season we are introducing the New-groni, a very unique version of the classic Negroni with our touch in all the phases of the drink. New aperitivo instead of Campari — we are using Select — tonka bean-infused Cocchi, Tanqueray 10 gin, orange foam instead of an orange peel, and Campari dust on top.” — Tanya Mykhaylyuk, general manager at Ophelia in New York, NY