Inside the Fake Igloo Rooftop Wars

By Alyson Krueger January 1, 2020 PDF Article Original Article Press
New York Times - Inside the Fake Igloo Rooftop Wars

Ahh, winter in New York City.

When New York City was hit with a snow squall a few weeks ago, Albert Hei, 29, took refuge in an igloo.

Well, a fake one, with modern accouterments.

The plastic dome had been installed on the roof of the Time Out Market New York in Dumbo, Brooklyn. It can comfortably fit eight people and is decorated with twinkle lights and fur throws. Mr. Hei sipped a hot toddy with his mother and the snow swirled around them.

“We were engulfed in this cloud,” he said. “It was like a winter wonderland. It was the last place I thought I would find myself.”

Not everyone will be lucky enough to have a snow squall, but rooftop plastic domes are everywhere this winter. Over a dozen hotels, bars and restaurants are putting up prefab snow globe-type structures in their outdoor spaces. There are now places in the city where you can sit in one rooftop fake igloo and watch people hanging out in other fake igloos below. Competition for the plastic dome drinker is becoming intense.

There is also a temporary chalet on the roof terrace of Mr. Purple, on the Lower East Side, which has a chandelier made of antlers, a Champagne bar, and 360-degree views of the city. The Ophelia Lounge, not far from United Nations, covered its entire bar to look like a snow globe. And the Arlo SoHo has gone all out, building two winter cabins made of cedar, surrounded by faux white birch trees.