Like A Virgin: 3 Cocktails to Help You Through Dry January (and Beyond)

By Kate Kolenda January 9, 2020 PDF Article Original Article Press
BTR Today - Like A Virgin: 3 Cocktails to Help You Through Dry January (and Beyond)

Want to ease into the new decade with a month free of alcohol? Here’s how to abstain without sacrificing flavor.

Dry January has gained popularity for a few years now. Americans often double their alcohol intake between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Kicking off the year with 31 days of sobriety can feel like a welcome reset after the holidays.

Last year, hashtags like #SoberCurious and #MindfulDrinking started popping up on social media and a slew of think pieces followed, some championing the movement and others disdaining it for co-opting true sobriety culture and enabling those among us who truly need help to address their drinking.

The hospitality industry is taking note of the trend, with restaurant and bar menus increasingly offering alcohol-free mocktails.

Next week, January 12-18, marks the second-annual National Mocktail Week. Founder Marnie Rae explains that while these concoctions are delicious, the taste is secondary.

“The mocktail movement is about so much more than the drink—it’s about making guests feel welcome at our establishments and included in the moment,” she says.

Here are three non-alcoholic drink recipes to serve during National Mocktail Week, Dry January, for your forever-sober friends at your next big party and any other time you want to back away from booze.

East of the Sun

From Ophelia, the rooftop lounge atop New York City’s historic Beekman Tower.

3 Lime Wedges
2 Shiso Leaves
1 oz Simple Syrup
.5 oz Yuzu
2 oz Water

Muddle the lime wedges and shiso leaves together before combining all ingredients into a shaker. Shake with ice, pour into a Wine glass and garnish with a shiso leaf.