Merchants Hospitality Debuts New Rooftop Lounge, Ophelia

By Tipsy Diaries February 28, 2018 PDF Article Original Article Press
Tipsy Diaries - Merchants Hospitality Debuts New Rooftop Lounge, Ophelia

New York – Ophelia, a new rooftop lounge located in the historic Beekman
Tower in Manhattan’s Midtown East neighborhood has officially opened to the public. Created in
collaboration between Merchants Hospitality and Public Agenda, the iconic space has been
reimagined into an opulent cocktail lounge, reviving the building’s original charm and celebrating its
eclectic past.

Built in 1928 by Architect John Mead Howells and Developer Emily Hepburn as a Panhellenic Tower and residence for working women, the Beekman Tower has long served as a landmark in New York City. A popular name for women during the 1930s, Ophelia pays homage to its female ties and draws inspiration from the mystery behind Shakespeare’s character in Hamlet. While restoring elements from the original architecture, Ophelia also layers thoughtful design touches from the 1920s and 30s to create the vision of an “illuminating” jewel box immersed in the sky. The era was marked by a fascination with oddities and a curiosity to learn more about the wonders of the natural world, which is very much prevalent in the lounge’s concept and design. Throughout the building’s transformation overtime, the rooftop was frequented by many notable artists and creatives including Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis and Frank Zappa.